It seems a vegan conspiracy may be afoot in the streets of Washington amid one of the biggest blizzards in city history. Apparently taking advantage of the deserted roads, some unknown number of vegan vandals have been writing slogans on snowed over car windows in different parts of DC.

A friend in Columbia Heights sent me these photos from Sherman Avenue this morning:


“Meat eating is a form of greed”


“Red meat is carcinogenic”


“2,400 gallons of water = 1 lb. of meat/25 gallons of water = 1 lb. of wheat”

I was pretty amused. I used to write “Cubs suck” on windows in Wrigleyville as a teenager and have always thought snowy car windows were an underused medium of political expression. And it’s true about red meat being carcinogenic and meat requiring unthinkable quantities of water. I assumed this was the work of an isolated vegan snow activist, but then saw some in Shaw about an hour later.  I took these shots from 7th St, by the Compass Coffee:


“Eggs = torture”


“Veganism is not about vegans”

vegans rule

“Vegans rule”

I especially appreciated the last one, vegans rule, and wondered if a pre-teen vegan might be the culprit. After I saw the ones in Shaw, I called Walter, a vegan himself, when he isn’t drunkenly eating bleu cheese. He thought I was messing with him but then he saw the pictures and was elated that someone or someones is going around town during the blizzard writing vegan propaganda on people’s cars.

So he went out in Woodley Park and did some of his own:


“Pigs are smarter than dogs/do you eat dogs?”

real plants

“Real mean eat plants”


“Animal agriculture contributes more to climate change than ALL forms of transportation”

That’s Walter, verbose even on car windows. Has anyone else seen any vegan propaganda on cars in their neighborhoods? If so, email us at or tell us about it in the comments.

UPDATE: Okay this is definitely A THING now. Reader Kerri sent us these from an alley in Capitol Hill:

“Bacon sucks!!”


“ for the environment”

The truth is out there! But of course, like vegans’ contentions generally, these messages will be quickly covered and forgotten by snow and indifference.

PLEASE send us more of these if you see or make them in your neighborhood. Walter says he’ll buy drinks for anyone who writes “Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of global rainforest destruction” on a macho truck.