How can you tell when a bird is a unique free spirit? When it has tattoos of young women of course! You’ve gotta check out these incredible tatted up birds:


Fuck the cracker, Polly wanna get inked! Just an exquisite beak tat right here.



Girl power! This duck gets it.


penguin (2)

Look at this fucking hipster emperor penguin. As if the ironic cross wasn’t enough, it got a HUGE hipster chick’s face tattooed across its chest. If only Williamsburg was cool enough to haves ice shelves…


partygoose tat

Oh shit! This crazy party goose got a silhouette of a clueless millennial girl tattooed on its cheek. Haha that’s going to be there FOREVER!



Classic Sailor Jerry style pinup on this seagull.



Red breasted robins are a dime a dozen, but you don’t see many with black and white tattoos of gorgeous young women. This bird is such an original!



Young women aren’t the only ones who love a good ankle tat. This hawk tattooed a dancing girl on its talon. Fun!


mourning dove

This mourning dove doesn’t just have a badass tribal band across its neck, it also has a sick tattoo of a blushing young woman with braids on its tail feathers.


white owl final

Namaste bitches! This snow owl has no fucks to give. After seeing a few thousand young women with owl tattoos it went out and got a face tattoo of a woman doing yoga.


raven (2)

This majestic raven really got creative with an underwing tattoo of a raven with a tattoo of a young woman. Meta!


rubyhummingbird (3)

This one is a conceptual masterpiece. This ruby throated hummingbird got a back shoulder tattoo of a young woman with a back shoulder tattoo of a ruby throated hummingbird. Just incredible!