Primary contributors

Brio is a first generation American from the Second City, a third wave feminist, and a forthright environmentalist who’d need a fifth of gin to ease her anxiety about the Sixth Extinction. She lives on 7th St. NW and enjoys wordplay. Her writing has appeared on The Awl, The Toast, and the Washington Post—all in the comments sections.

Walter is a debt-ridden leftist agitator and self-described superfluous white male who’s been in Washington for too long, but can’t afford to move. He lives in a dilapidated rowhouse in Woodley Park where he enjoys gardening and feeding birds.

Xavier_from_new_york is from New York. He’s an amicable troll.


Other contributors

Candace lives in Montgomery County but dates, unsuccessfully, in DC.

Phil lives in the District. You probably annoy him.